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What is an ETA Visa?

ETA stands for Electronic Travel Authority. An ETA visa is an electronically stored travel authority that is equivalent to a printed visa.

Basically, a holder of the visa does not have any stamp or label on their passport. However, there is an electronic link that connects the visa holder’s passport number with the ETA information that travel agents, airlines, as well as Australian travel ag

Only a linked-up passport can be used for travelling to Australia.

Australian ETA Visa

You can get an Australian ETA visa anytime since the processing services are available 24/7 online.

Any passport holder from Malaysia and some countries and regions outside Australia can apply for the Australian ETA visa and visit Australia for tourism or business purposes as many times as possible within the 12 months validity period of the visa.

Each visit allows the visa holder to stay in Australia for up to 3 months and the validity period of the visa starts after its issuance. is my preferred affordable Malaysian center for Australian visa processing

Who can qualify for an Australian ETA Visa?

An applicant for an Australian ETA visa should meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant should be residing outside the Australian territory.
  • The applicant should be a citizen of the qualifying countries.
  • The applicant should not be diagnosed with tuberculosis during the arrival to the Australian territory.
  • The applicant should not have been previously convicted for a period exceeding 12 months.


There is a similarity between the features of tourist Australian ETA visas and business Australian ETA visas.

However, the following are additional features of the tourist ETA visa:

  • The visa is valid for 1 year since the date of issue.
  • The visa has a permitted 3-month length of stay after which the holder should leave the Australian territory. However, the holder can re-enter the territory after a few days to stay for another 3-months period, and repeat the process until the visa expire
  • A holder of the visa can visit any part of the Australian territory for tourism purposes. Additionally, the holder can visit their relatives and friends that live in the Australian territory.
  • A holder of the visa can undertake study courses, such as English courses, that have duration of less than 3 months within the Australian territory.
  • A holder of the visa can search for work if they have an intention of relocating to Australia in the future. Their search for work extends to attending informal sessions that can help them observe the culture and lifestyle of their preferred location.

Things to DO after Getting a BUSINESS Australian ETA Visa

Notably, there is a similarity between the features of business Australian ETA visas and tourist Australian ETA visas.

However, the following are additional features of the business ETA visa:

  • A holder can travel within the Australian territory in search of business partners.
  • A holder can conduct business-related activities EXCEPT working from any business premise of a business entity/organization, or sale of goods and services.
  • A holder can attend unpaid conferences and seminars.
  • A holder can sign commercial contracts that are related to international cooperation.
  • A holder can conduct business as a representative of government bodies.

Things to AVOID after Getting an Australian ETA Visa

After a successful application of an Australian ETA visa and travelling to the Australian territory, the visa holder should never engage in paid work.

Under special circumstances, the holder of the visa can engage in voluntary work, but the engagement should not stand as the primary purpose for travelling to the Australian territory.

Additionally, the voluntary role should not be among the ones that an employed Australian can undertake.


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